Celebrating 50 years of marriage – Rowlands Gill

It has been a weekend of very special celebrations and what a weekend it has been. We were delighted to be asked to provide an outside venue for the most wonderful couple to help them celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. 50 years of marriage is a real milestone and they wanted to make it an occasion they would remember.  One of our 6m x 4.5m marquees provided the perfect outside space on the front driveway to provide cover and serve the delicious food.  Our tables & chairs also looked great outside the marquee providing an area for guests to sit, eat, relax and enjoy the celebrations.  We hope you had the most wonderful day.

Kit Supplied:-

~6m x 4.5m frame & canopyEric Peacock 6

~4 x side panels

~27 sq metres composite flooring

~4 x 6ft oblong tables

~9 x 5ft round tables

~72 x folding chairs

~Weight pack + Sand bags

~Guy rope & peg kit

If you would like more information regarding our marquees, sizes and accessories available please contact us on 0191 605 3122 or fill in our online contact form.