21st Birthday Celebrations in Whitley Bay

What a fantastic weekend we had with a wonderful family helping to create an extension to the house to host the party of all parties to celebrate their son turning 21. One of our 4.5m x 3m (pearl) marquees provided a fantastic additional area to the house for guests to party well into the evening. With a wooden floor providing dry and stable underfoot conditions we created an additional room for guests to socialise and dance and get into the party spirit. One of our 3m x 3m marquees also provided cover on the decking area from the house to the larger marquee so guests had cover during this extremely rainy January.

Kit Supplied:

~4.5m x 3m frame & canopySusan Turkington 2

~4 x side panels

~Wood floor + carpet overlay

~2 x Strings of festoon party lights

~2 x Halogen heaters

~2 x Poseur tables

~10 x White plastic chairs

~3m x 3m frame & canopy

~2 x Side panels

~Weight pack

~Guy rope and peg kit

If you would like more information regarding our Mini-Marquees or sizes and accessories available please contact us on 0191 605 312 or fill in our online contact form.