Windows and Roller Doors

Sometimes when people hire our marquees, they sometimes like to allow a little extra light in, whilst closing off a side, to enable people inside to still admire the garden.  Why not order a side panel that comes complete with a Window.  Others like to be able to close their marquee off at night and have a front panel complete with a roller door.

Roller Doors

2 heavy duty zips allow a section of an attached side panel to be rolled up to provide access to the Mini Marquee.

Position of the door is possible in any of the sections of the side panels, however the large centre section is the most common option.


Transparent soft plastic windows 1m deep can be fitted into the chosen section on side panels.

The width of the window depends on the size of the section chosen. As with Roller Doors the centre section is the most common location for a window.

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